Saturday, October 08, 2011

The Gloves are off!

It's Thanksgiving weekend here and while I thought that it might be a nice stressfree weekend, it has turned out to be anything but that. I received an email this afternoon from my husband's best friend in Colorado and I have been in a state of anxiousness ever since.

My husband has been on medical chain since August 17 and he has been to the hospital in Galveston twice and is still no further ahead in knowing what, if anything, TDCJ is going to do to help him. While his medical condition has always been a concern for me, it hasn't been the only concern that I have had. Like any wife or husband of an inmate, you constantly worry for their safety. You worry if they are strong enough physically and mentally to handle anything or anyone that may come their way in prison. Before my husband's medical condition worsened, I would have said without a doubt in my mind that he could have physically handled anyone that crossed his path or threatened his safety. And while I don't know for certain that my husband's safety has been threatened, it is certainly on my mind and has been all day.

The only information that I do know for certain is that my husband is now in a cell with another man that is serving a 27 year sentence. I could say that if this man is in for 27 years then he must have done something really bad but then again we are talking about Texas to and he could very well be in for that length of time because of something less than what I think. However, the fact that my husband mentioned it, to me means that it's more than likely a bad thing. You see up until now, my husband has done his best to protect me from the truth about prison life and for that I will be forever grateful.

My husband doesn't usually ask for help because he doesn't like to ever feel that he owes anyone anything. So, if he asks for help you know two things: one, it was hard for him to ask and two, that it's something that he can't handle himself and that is what unnerves me because my husband can handle anything. So, what's a wife to do? Well I could sit and stress and worry and actually I have done that for most of the day today but then there comes a point where my fear and stress turn to anger and action and I am at that point right now.

So, I will get through this weekend as best I can having faith in my husband that he is doing whatever is necessary to stay safe but when Monday comes, the gloves are off and I will do battle for him and I will get what I want and I will tell you this...TDCJ won't know what hit em!

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