Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Best Man I Know

Well yesterday was a great day. I received 4 letters from my husband. Wow! It took me over an hour to read the pages he had written. God love him. Here he is in chronic pain with a herniated disc in his neck and limited use of his right arm and hand and he still writes to me every day. Yup! We've have it like that. He talked a lot about how things are going and what he's been doing and yes, how hot it truly is in a Texas prison. For those that may not know, it gets to be about 125 degrees inside prison most days. No air conditioning. No windows that open and barely enough water to keep a small house plant alive. Still he soldiers on and does everything that is expected of him and most times more. He is, no doubt, in the worst place he has ever been in his life and living under conditions that would make even the strongest man break yet still he remains positive and connected to his family. His family is his life and he will tell you that even though he is living in hell right now, he would do it all over again if it meant he would be with his wife and children. Some go into prison hard and come out harder. Some go into prison hard and come out better. My husband went into prison hard and he will come out as exactly who he has always been...the best man I know.

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