Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Doing what he does best

Well it's a bit after 8:00pm now and I have just finished dinner and I'm settling in to write to my husband. I thought that I might get mail from him today but sadly I didn't. I stress about it every day and when I do get mail I stress about what's inside. Did he have a good day? How is his neck? (He's got a herniated disc in his neck that has gone untreated for nearly 6 months). Is he still holding it down? How was work? He has one of the highest jobs you can have in prison. Short of working for the warden, he's "top dog" as far as jobs go. He says that inmates know him and he finds that weird. How can they know someone they have never met? They know him because of the job he holds and the kindness and respect he shows other inmates. While I always make sure that he has money on his books, there are some that have none and this bothers my husband. It bothers him a lot. A few times when he has gone to commissary he has bought extra icecream and handed it out to the guys that have none. To some, that may seem odd that an inmate would willingly give some of his commissary to another but to me THAT is my husband. Helping others is what gives him great joy. Does he do it to to be noticed? Does he do it get thanked? Does he expect anything in return? Nope. He does it for no other reason other than that's who he is and that's what he does and that is the man that I fell in love with nearly 2 years ago. I tell him all the time how proud I am of him but I wonder...will he ever know just how much.

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