Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Relieved but not really

Well finally after 13 long days I received a letter from my husband. Here is how his 16 page letter to me began: "To the helper and protector of all children, the comfort of the solitary and those who are separated from those they love, I ask you to give them a good gift for the body and for the soul, and to unite everyone, present and absent in true faith and love."

He is in a transfer facility right now and has no idea why. As you know, he caught chain on August 17 at about 3:00am. He was given one chain bag and told whatever he could fit in the bag he could take with him but that everything else would follow him some 2 weeks later. So, what do you think my husband chose to take with him. Food? Essentials like toothbrush, toothpaste and soap? Nope. He took his writing supplies and the pictures of his family and some books to read. He said they made him choose and, if you knew him like I do, you would not be surprised by his choice. He would rather be hungry for a little while than leave what matters most behind.

The first thing he did when he got to this transfer unit? Write me a letter. So, while it was really good to finally hear from him, it also raises my worry level because of the details he shared about the condition of the unit that he is in. He went from being in a dorm setting and working in the officer's dining room with rec every night and on the weekend to now being confined to a 4x8 cell nearly 24 hours of the day for no apparent reason. With the heat in Texas hovering most days around 110 degrees and prison units being on heat precautions, you would think that allowing extra showers would be warranted and in most units they are. However, in this transfer unit they are allowed one shower a day for 3 minutes and at 8:00am. Maybe someone can explain to me how that helps anybody? The units claim to be on water restriction yet they water the grass!

One good thing at this unit my husband was able to buy a fan but that, in itself presents a potential problem at his next unit. Will it be considered contraband because not all units sell fans? You would think that all units in the same state, run by the same agency would sell the same things at commissary but I guess that would be way too easy.

As much as I worry about him when he transfers, I know he worries just as much about me. He has transferred 5 times in the last year and it stresses us both each time he does because I never know where he is going and when I might hear from him again and anything that stresses me worries him. The one comfort my husband will always have is knowing that I love him more than anything and that no matter where he goes, I will always find him.

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  1. That is so cute that he took his writing supplies over everything else! =] I know the feeling of being "relived" yet getting no real relief.