Friday, August 05, 2011

3,000 miles away and still connected

Well here we are and it's Friday. I am sitting in my office and just thinking about how long it's been since I have seen my husband's face or heard his voice. He has this really easy smile that can melt your heart. His voice is strong and calm and oh so very southern. We used to talk for hours in the kitchen. I'd be doing the dishes and he would just stand there having a beer and talk. He was never more himself or at ease when we were talking in the kitchen. I knew from the first day we met that his heart was heavy and that there was something missing in his life. Little did I know, but that something was me. If he could, he would tell you how connected he felt to me from the start. He says that I never judged him and that I never asked anything of him and I just let him be him. Sometimes, he would stop talking and just stare at me and say "Can I ask you a question?" My husband's "can I ask you a question" questions were never simple. It was always something that made you think and feel and it was most times something like "Why are you so good to me?" or "Why do you love me?" He says that's the best part of us - the fact that we can just talk about nothing and love every minute of it. Some may ask why I am willing to leave my life in Canada behind, uproot my children and move 3,000 miles away. My answer is simple - because that's where my husband is.

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  1. This post seems to be straight out of my heart, its like me and my husband! <3 We too are miles apart 2,500.