Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Cowboy and the Canadian

So, I guess this has officially become a day in the life of a prisoner's wife. Alrighty! My husband and I met 2 years ago and quite honestly the first time I spoke to him on the phone I didn't think much of him. I actually thought he was an ass! He had that southern drawl that most women lap up like kittens to milk. Not me boy! I had his number or at least I thought I did. Little did I know then that my first impressions of the man that would claim my heart over the next 2 years would be so dead wrong. This is my story of love, loss and what will one day be triumph. Hold on to your seats because you're in for a very bumpy ride!


  1. Ha! So funny kittens to milk... Yeah I though I might enjoy that Texan southern belle sweet talking, my best friend of 20+ years is from Corpus Christi and I always thought her accent was cute though we teased her mercilessly about here in Chicago but when I first met my soon to be wife I got slapped hard with the reminder she was from California originally even if in Texas 17 years (not TDCJ that long...) But she's got some and sure has fixin, and y'all down pat...

  2. April from Texas22 January 2012 at 01:47

    I am from Texas so I can understand the misconceptions by other states, or countries and also the impressions that people get either by meeting someone from Texas, or reading about it, etc. I myself have lived in Texas my whole life. My dad and his whole side of his family live in Erie, PA. I, like Neon's best friend above, got teased any time that I would visit my family in PA. I hated it, and they told me I had an accent. I did not think I had one, but they did. I also have the unfortunate habit of saying fixin and ya'll, but over the years as I have gotten older, I have tried not to say that because I think it gives an impression that all Texans are country! That could not be further from the truth in my case. That is too funny that you thought he was an ass the first time you spoke to him! Who would have thought things would have turned out the way they did. It is funny the way life works sometimes.