Friday, August 12, 2011

What are you made of?

So, another weekend is upon us and that means another week down for my husband and another week closer to coming home. You know I have always told my husband that everything happens for a reason and some days that reason is plain as the nose on my face and other days I struggle to see what that reason might be. When my husband first went to prison, I struggled with the why's of it all; trying to understand why God would bring such a wonderful man into my life and then just as quickly take him away from me. Why would God allow me to fall in love with this man and then say "well that's enough for you." After countless hours of crying and praying and bargaining and doubt, I came to realize that everything DOES happen for a reason. Every choice that I have made, right or wrong, every choice that my husband has made, right or wrong, have led us to this moment in time, to this life and truth be told I wouldn't change a moment of it or we would still be "he" and "me" and not the "we" that we have become. I realize now that God is saying "Let's see what you two are made of." To be just as in love with a man 3,000 miles away as I was when he was sitting in my living room and to know that God picked him for me and me only IS the why of it all. You know my mom always used to tell me that I was made of pretty good stuff and you know what? She was right.

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