Wednesday, August 03, 2011

He was here wasn't he?

So here we are. Another day. I'm just sitting here now drinking a coffee and it reminds me of the last time my husband was here drinking coffee. I know it may sound silly but every morning he used to take his coffee and the paper up to the bathroom, read a little and then shower. I remember the day after he left going into the bathroom and noticing a coffee ring on the floor where he had put his mug while he read. I burst into tears because I knew that was one of the last things he did before he left. A few days later I was washing the floors in the bathroom and I came upon the ring on the floor. I couldn't bring myself to wash it off because to me that was a reminder that he had been there and I wanted every reminder I had of him to stay in tact right as he left it. I have since washed that floor several dozen times but even after a year that coffee stain stays as it lays.

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