Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Who's the man that gets all the Jpays?

Well I just got another quick note off to my husband so that was good. I send him so many letters in a day that the lady in the mailroom actually called him down to the window just so she could see the face of the man that gets all the Jpays. For those that don't know, Jpay is the email service provider for Texas prisons. The letters come into the mailroom and get printed off and distributed once a day. If you get your mail sent before 2:00pm inmates receive it the same day. If not, they get it next day so at least I know he gets mail every day and we do our best to stay connected that way. In the time that my husband has been away, and it will be one year on August 4, I have amassed over 1,000 pages of letters that he has sent to me. That is 4 photo albums full of letters. He writes to me every day and mails out about 3 times a week. Letters from Texas to Canada take anywhere from 6-10 days to arrive and cost on average 2 American stamps. Of course, that doesn't count all of the extras that he sends like the cards he sends for birthdays and Christmas or my personal favourites the "thinking of you or miss you" cards. You have to understand that my husband is not the hearts and flowers kinda guy. He's a cowboy from Texas for goodness sake! So, when he sends me a touchy feely kinda card it absolutely melts my heart and brings me to tears every time. Or there was the time that he sent our youngest daughter a cross for her birthday that he had another inmate make from towel thread. It was blue & white (her favourite colours) and she just loves it. No matter how hard they may try, TDC will not break the bond that my husband and I have. I am a stubborn Irish Canadian and my husband is a proud stubborn Texan. TDC doesn't stand a chance!

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  1. April from Texas22 January 2012 at 02:00

    Wow, the dedication that you guys have to each other is unbreakable! So glad you guys met! It is especially cool seeing the "soft and gentle" side of your husband considering he is a proud stubborn Texan like you put it! I know how stubborn the Irish can be because I am one of them! Ha, ha! That is so cool about the lady in the mail room wanting to see him. That should make you feel really good and also make him feel really special. Your dedication to him is really amazing! Not many people could be as strong as you!