Tuesday, August 02, 2011

3,000 miles away and still connected

OK. I have just finished writting my 3rd letter to my husband at it's only 2:00pm. I am saddened that I have only one way to communicate with the man I love but it will have to do for now I guess. I guess the one good thing about Texas prison is that I can email my husband every day and know that he will at least get mail every night from me so there is some small comfort in that. I hate that I can only share things with him through email like how our oldest did in her soccer game or that our youngest received an award at school. I send him pictures every week and I can only hope that they bring him some happiness. Before he was transferred to TDC and while in the county jail, he always used to tell me that I made him stronger and that even though he was in a shitty place one phone call from me could change that for him. So now I sit and wonder most days if the words I write are enough to keep him strong. He constantly writes how much he misses my voice but I wonder if he knows how much I miss his too.

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  1. April from Texas22 January 2012 at 01:53

    I would think that by how much you write and communicate to him that he knows you miss him and his voice! He would not have believed in you at all if he did not think you cared or missed him. I am at least glad you are able to email him everyday and not have to him send snail mail, although I know that is his only way to communicate to you which sucks.