Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Hello? Sandman? It's Kim calling.

It's 10:30 here and I was just going up to get ready for bed. Every night around now I read through some of my husband's letters. Somehow it makes me feel a little bit closer to him even though we are physically so far apart. Well tonight I was thumbing through one book of 4 that I have containing over 1,000 pages of letters that I have received in the year since he's been gone and I came across a letter that brought me to tears. It was the day after we got our first 5 minute call. We hadn't heard each other's voice in months so, while it was good to hear from him, it was also very bittersweet because I knew the call would end in just 5 short minutes. My husband's letter to me dated May 25 said "For some reason, I'm really hurting today but that's OK because I got to talk to you today. I wish we could have talked more but that's all I could get until another 90 days go by. They (the guards) even told me what I could and couldn't say. There was a lot I wanted to say to you but I said all that I needed to. No matter. I got to tell you I love you." You know most days I am squared up and ready to take on the world for my husband and my children and then there are days where I want to stay in bed under the covers and hope that the world will just go away. Today is not one of those days!

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